Church Tours

On a guided tour of St. Andrew Orthodox Church you will have the opportunity to gaze upon traditional Byzantine iconography depicting some of the most famous Christians throughout history. Guests will admire early Christian architecture and ecclesiastical furnishings and experience, first-hand, the culture of a 2000 year-old tradition.

Modeled after the 13th Century Church of Saint Katherine in Thessaloniki, Greece, every design element of the church temple possesses spiritual significance and conveys the unity of the universe in God. This is seen in everything from the intricate marble flooring to the hand-painted icon frescos and hand-carved wooden fixtures.

Guided tours of the church temple will be conducted throughout the weekend. Tours begin daily every 20 minutes and end at 8pm Friday & Saturday and 7pm on Sunday.

For more information about the St. Andrew parish community or Orthodox Christianity, please click here.

*Modest attire required.

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