Arts & Culture Exhibit

The Art & Culture Exhibit at the Riverside Greek Fest is modeled after a museum-style exhibit set up to display all aspects of Greek art and culture including music and sacred art, showcasing elements that have remained largely unchanged across cultures and countries for 1700 years.

An array of beautiful frescos as well as a plethora of information on the Arts & Culture of Greece and Orthodoxy Christianity will be on display. Illustrated wall-sized timelines chronicle main historical events in the life of the Church. A marketplace will also be set up in the exhibit for visitors wishing to review books rich in history and view other cultural artifacts. Children can explore their creative side at our interactive art center and a rest area to relax and watch informative videos will also be available. Feel free to chat with our knowledgeable staff who will be present to answer questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you at the Art & Culture Exhibit in the Fellowship Hall building!

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