Riverside Greek Fest

Welcome friends and neighbors to the Riverside Greek Fest!

This festival of our St. Andrew parish brings some of the best of our Orthodox Christian cultures of the East to the Riverside community.

We hope you will eat, dance, learn, tour, and relax as our guests. We believe that despite the many sorrows troubling our community, nation and the world, there are many reasons to keep festival nonetheless! God is good, and misery and death will not win!

Riverside is a county of 4 million persons and a city of 300,000 – hardly a Greek village! But here we bring to you a little taste of the life that our forebears have lived. Eat some of the best and oldest foods in the world, dance to some enlivening music, be uplifted and ennobled by the beauty of our church, and learn some things too!

Besides the great bands, and the many food and vendor booths, don’t miss the church tours every hour and the art and culture exhibit in the hall next to the church. You might even be able to engage one of our priests in a short discussion about Orthodoxy.

Did you know that the entire New Testament was written in Greek, and that most of the cities that received St. Paul’s letters are still Orthodox Christian cities like Thessalonica and Corinth?

On behalf of all the volunteers at St. Andrew who have worked so hard to make this year’s festival wonderful, I welcome you. Thank you for sharing our joy and see you at the Riverside Greek Fest!

Ο Θεός να είναι μαζί σας! God be with you!

Fr. Josiah Trenham

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